Vi Tongue Twister
Vi Tongue Twister
Vi wanted to promote ‘GigaNet’, their high-speed internet service. To achieve this, we conceptualised and developed an Instagram AR filter that uses the fun element of ‘Tongue Twisters’. The users had to keep up with the tongue twister shown on the screen. The speed of the tongue twister increases gradually with every attempt till it reaches the ‘GigaNet’ speed. Upon completion of the experience, the filter automatically increases the speed of the user’s voice in the recording to make the user aware of Vodafone’s high-speed internet. Try the filter yourself to see if you can master the twisters!
How it works
  •   1. Go to the Instagram page of Amazon Prime Videos
  •   2. Head to the Filters tab
  •   3. Click on try effect or download effect.
  •   4. Try saying the line at various speeds
  •   5. Complete all iterations to see if you can finish on time
And here are our contestants!
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