SBI Facebook Playable Ad
SBI Facebook Playable Ad
facebook playable ad
We conceptualised and created 3D playable ads to promote the salient features of SBI Gold & Auto Loan. These playable ads conveyed the benefits of availing loans through the SBI YONO App as well.
What we did
  •   3D Modelling
  •    UI / UX Design
  •    Development
  •    Testing
The Concept

We created 2 different playable ads to promote the new features of SBI loans. ‘Gold Hunt’- Help Mrs Sharma find her gold pieces! The goal of this experience is to search for as many gold ornaments as possible in a room before the timer runs out to help Mrs Sharma avail a gold loan. The room has multiple interactive elements such as bookshelves, cupboards, etc. to make the experience more immersive. Whenever the user locates a gold ornament, a salient feature of the SBI Gold loan is promoted. After successfully completing the game the user is shown a promotional offer.

Your dream car is not so far with SBI Auto Loans! The Auto loans playable ad conveys the convenience of buying your dream automobile by availing SBI Auto Loans. The user has to select either a car or a bike to start the game. The user needs to dodge hurdles and collect SBI coins to upgrade his bike/car. Each time the progress bar on top fills the bike/car gets upgraded showing a unique feature of SBI Auto Loans. On successfully completing upgrading to your dream vehicle the game completes. The end screen displays a promotional offer for availing an SBI Auto Loan.

Gold Hunt in action!
Auto Loan in action!
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