Samsung S20 Facebook Playable
Samsung S20 Facebook Playable
facebook playable ad
We created a gamified playable ad to promote the core features of the new Samsung S20. On completion of the game the users were taken to an external URL where they were given more information about the product.
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •    User Research
  •    UI / UX Design
  •    Development
The Concept

We created 3 different playable ads to promote the new features of the Samsung S20 smartphone.

We created the Space Zoom Playable Ad to promote the biggest zoom feature on any mainstream smartphone called Space Zoom for Samsung S20. The camera offers a combined optical and digital zoom of 100x. The playable ad displays multiple high resolution images that contains small objects which the user needs to find using the zoom feature before the timer runs out.

The Bright Night playable ad displays images in low lighting with multiple choices to guess the image in the dim lighting.

The Single Take playable ad displays various formats that the user needs match within a list of output formats.

Space Zoom in Action!
Single Take in Action!
Bright Night in Action!
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