OnePlus Level Up
OnePlus Level Up
We conceptualized, designed and developed an Instagram AR filter to promote the latest OnePlus 9R. In this experience, the user has to defend his OnePlus base (tower) against incoming enemy troops and mega bosses. The environment is designed to give a futuristic experience to promote the top notch performance of the OP 9R phone. The user has to accurately tap on enemies to target them to eliminate before they collide with the base. On defeating an enemy, the user gets points that are calculated based on the enemy’s distance from the base. As the user progresses through enemy waves his score keeps increasing. If the user successfully shoots down all the enemies before the tower's health reduces to 0%, the base is dismantled, popping up the OnePlus 9R box for the users to view the 3d model of the device.
How it works
  •   1. Go to the Instagram page of OnePlus India
  •   2. Head to the Filters tab
  •   3. Click on try effect or download effect.
  •   5. Tap on enemies to destroy them
  •   6. Protect the base and it's health
  •   7. Wait for surprise after completing all waves
Keep shooting to unlock all the cool weapon modes!
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