Meesho Facebook Playable
Meesho Facebook Playable
facebook playable ad
We conceptualised and developed a Facebook playable ad to promote the Meesho application. The objective of this playable is to help the lead character ‘Priya’ earn money for her personal expenses by reselling products within her circle using the Meesho app. This experience subtly educates about the potential of earning profits by selling relevant products through Meesho.
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •   User Research
  •   UI / UX Design
  •   Development
The Concept
The user can see Priya's close friends and family in card format at the top of the screen. Each card has a product associated with it along with a timer. A master list of available products is shown within a phone below. The user needs to find the required product and match it with the profile photo before the timer runs out. To match the product the user needs to tap on the product in the stock and then tap on the relevant profile photo. With each successful sale, the user can see money adding to the profit counter. At the end the user is shown the total profit Priya earned by reselling products using Meesho. The end screen highlights salient features of the product along with a call to action to download the Meesho app.
The Final Product
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