LOL AR Experience
LOL AR Experience
We created an experience inspired by the popular game 'You Laugh, You Lose' in this Instagram AR filter to promote the comedy show 'LOL: Hasse to Phase' featured on Amazon Prime Video. Users have to take on the ‘You Laugh, You Lose.’ challenge. A placard is anchored on top of the user’s forehead displaying a joke. When the recording begins, the joke is accompanied by a funny soundtrack, further deforming the user’s face. The user needs to hold off his laughter till the experience completes. If the user laughs, he loses the game and is taken to the losing screen. If the user can hold his laughter successfully, he wins and is taken to the win screen mimicking thug life.
How it works
  •   1. Go to Instagram page of Prime Video IN
  •   2. Head to the Filters tab
  •   3. Click on try effect to load experience
  •   4. Press tap and hold record to start the experience
  •   5.  Try not to laugh to win the challenge
  •   6. If you laugh you lose the challenge
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