Amazon Prime Video: Gulabo Sitabo Instagram Filter
Amazon Prime Video: Gulabo Sitabo Instagram Filter
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Amazon Prime Video wanted to try Gamified AR capabilities to promote their new film ‘Gulabo Sitabo’. We created an interactive Instagram Filter that would detect the face and assign a character to the user. The objective of the game was to finish the race first by dodging the hurdles accurately. The user needs to use face gestures to make the character jump and move forward. The game can be played in both single and dual mode.
How it works
  •   1. Go to Amazon Prime Videos Instagram page
  •   2. Head to the Filters tab
  •   3. Click on try effect or download effect...
  •   4. Go to your stories and try the filter
  •   5. User can play single/multi player
  •   6. Characters get assigned to single or multiple faces
  •   7. Depending upon your expression the character moves forward
Global Engagement
Gulabo Sitabo in Action!
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