Goibibo | Happy Valentine's Night 2021
Goibibo | Happy Valentine's Night 2021
facebook playable ad
GoIbibo wanted to promote couple-friendly rooms during Valentine's Day. We conceptualized and created a 2D Facebook playable ad that targets the youth motivating them to express love in a language they relate to, i.e. texting abbreviations (Ikr!). Let us know if you know all of them!
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •   User Research
  •   UI / UX Design
  •   Development
The Concept
The user has to select his gender to begin the experience. The objective of the game is to unveil the conversation by jumping on top of the chat bubbles. As the character keeps jumping up the chat bubbles the intensity of the conversation increases. As the user reaches the last chat bubble a door opens promoting Goibibo's couple friendly rooms along with an exclusive Valentine's Day offer that can be redeemed on the brand's website.
The Final Product
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