The Forgotten Army: Shoot Down
The Forgotten Army: Shoot Down
facebook playable ad
The Forgotten Army is an Amazon Prime original show which is based on the true story of Indian Soldiers who marched towards the capital to free the country from the reign of British. Amazon Prime wanted to create an engaging playable ad to invoke patriotism within its user base. Ronin labs along with Facebook creative shop conceptualised a game where the goal was to shoot down atleast 10 airplanes to win a patriot badge. The ad also created awareness amongst users about a part of history that was erased from textbooks. The playable ad provoked its players by quoting facts around the conspiracy motivating them to watch the show.
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •   User Research
  •   UI / UX Design
  •   Development
The Goals
The goal of the playable ad was to create awareness about the story and motivate users to watch the show.
User Journey and Development
Considering platform and memory restrictions we managed to build an intricate game design, managing memory for all in-game objects and optimizing our assets down to size without compromising on the overall experience of the game.
The Final Product
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