ICICI iMobile Pay Facebook Playable
ICICI iMobile Pay Facebook Playable
facebook playable ad
ICICI wanted to promote the salient features of the iMobile Pay app. We conceptualised and developed a Facebook Playable Ad that engages users educating them about the benefits of using iMobile Pay.
What we did
  •   Concept Design
  •   User Research
  •   UI / UX Design
  •   Development
The Concept
Users need to tap on respective app icons at the right moment to transact successfully. Multiple icons are thrown towards users, representing a unique type of transaction, e.g. electricity bills, recharge etc. The gameplay progresses to become challenging making it tougher to collect the icons, eventually merging the individual app icons into a single iMobile Pay button. On activating the button, users are shown multiple offers on 1st, 3rd and 5th transactions done using iMobile Pay.
The Final Product
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